TURBO CRANK(rolled fillets) "cheap"


Dec 2, 2004
Looking for turbo crank for my street motor.It can be standard,10,or 20.It could also be one that needs to be turned up to 10 /10 or 20/20.It must have the rolled fillets and 3.8 stock stroke for 1986/87 109 blocks.So if you have one laying around and have no use for it at this time,let me know,thanks.

Funds are kind of tight ,so I prefer one that needs to be cleaned up,but I will take best priced crank.please submit your pictures with post-thanks..
rolled fillet crankshaft

Have one in the st pete/clearwater area already turned 10/10 by Steves crankshafts. Price is $225.00 firm