Turbo Exhaust Stud size


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Nov 30, 2009
I've got a new turbo coming and want to use new studs . What size are they or anyone have a ARP part number .
did you find your answer dyno? what kind of turbo is it.? your talking about the down pipe mounting bolts right?
I haven't pursued it any further . I'm waiting on my turbo to be built ...a few more weeks . I guess I'll just measure the old ones . I figured someone on here would know .
The studs on the headers to turbo .
Thanks Joe , just what I was looking for . My car is at Phil's shop right now !!
I'm getting one built as well be several weeks for mine also.

I bought nuts on my 3 bolt Pte turbo that thread pitch I thought was 1.5 . sorry I couldn't help. I thought your were talking about the turbine bolts. Ok I see the other fella help you out... Good deal