turbo for sale


I have a 64-1 turbo that is too big for my application. i would love to keep it for later use, but i need the money now to try and get the car going where i headed to. i was told that this turbo was a 60, but it is not. requires a large stall (around 3500) to work at its peak. i am sticking around a 3000 stall. no shaft play. has a precision housing on it. if i can figure out how to put pics on here i will add to the post. if not i can email you pics of the turbo. it is not installed on the car so i can take all the pics you want from any side. i am asking to get around 425.00 for the turbo. but if you make me a reasonable offer, i might not be able to resist.
As far as how old the turbo is, I am not sure. The mileage on it is unknown prior to my getting it. I have put less than 50 miles on it trying to get it to work for my application. I bought the turbo off Ebay and I don't remember the particulars on it. I know the guy that had it before me was running in the 11's with it and I can't give you any info for me because I can't build enough boost to get the turbo to reach its peak. I can tell you that it is strong on the top end and it would be great off the line if I could build boost off the line (hence the need for the big stall)
update to turbo information

Sorry about some misinformation. I thought it had a precisions compressor housiing, but it has garrett housing instead. I have pics on my cell phone. I can send them to you that way or i am still trying to figure out how to put them on here. (computer stupid) if you wantpics via cell phone my number is 843 200 2276. send me a text and i will send them to you that way. hopefully i figure out how to post pics on here