Turbo lights not working, plus boost gauge issues


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Jun 14, 2012
Hey guys,

i have a '83 regal T Type, and am having a few issues. I have attempted to hook up a boost gauge, nearly everywhere. I have tried turbo foot, off the maf lines, the intakes first runner. I can just not get it to work. Also my boost light inside the car is always yellow, no matter what. It never changes. The car boosts up,i can feel it and have several other opinions on it. Im wondering if anyone can shed some light on the situation for what i could possibly be doing wrong, or if someone can point me in the right direction

Thanks much,
so you hooked up a mechanical boost gauge to the foot of the turbo and you didnt get any readings? did you check the readings while you were driving under load?

Yes sir. Under load, wot, partial throttle. No read out. My boost gauge being broken is not entirely ruled out but it used to work on my previous car
Thanks for the help gentlemen. Been busy with school and work to get some time in
Hopefully gonna spend tonight figuring this out!
Alright well, i replaced some vaccuum lines yesterday, re hooked up the boost gauge, gauge still doesnt work.
I didnt change where any lines where routed, just replaced them where they where dry rotted.
Car dies whenever i stop, gonna try to abjust the idle and see if it helps. Also going to check out the turbo lights thanks to b4black.
Anyone have any ideas besides vacuum leak or idle?
Don't mess with the idle until you are 100% sure it's leak free.

Whenever you are hooking up the boost gauge, there should be vacuum there with the engine idling. I prefer a 30-0-20 vacuum-boost gauge over a simple boost gauge.

Do you have a scan tool? If so, does the MAP sensor read vacuum and pressure?

If there is no vacuum where the gauge is connected, tt could be that your wastegate actuator is bad. The often leak internally. There should be two ports on the actuator. One connects to the carb plenum (upper intake manifold), just between the carb and the turbo inlet. Disconnect this one and cap the port on the plenum (this line wasn't used on early turbos and really doesn't do anything). The other port should be connected to the compressor foot to sense boost. It might be routed under the turbocharger. Disconnect it and hook up a temporary test hose. Apply vacuum (suck on it ;) ) and see if it holds. It should - and if you apply ~9 psi of pressure, you would see the actuator rod push out.