Turbo Meter Pro doesn't work

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Brand new laptop and when I try to open it, it comes up with this:


I got the same error and the run around from their tech guy. To his defense I am a PC retard. I did a search for the missing file on the hard drive after loading, found nothing. Also searched the cd for the file and found nothing. tried 2 other pc's, same problem. Finally gave up on the program after I was told it was only useful in setting the parameters in the extender chip with a pc. Its not hard to set them following the tps method in the Extender directions.

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I'm not sure what the file does but you can download it from HERE.
Copy it into the windows folder
Then click START->RUN and type REGSVR32 MSCHRT20.ocx
That should get it working.
What OS is the laptop running? The scan program may be DOS based and from what I understand the newer than Win 2000 OS do not use true DOS. That may be the problem.