Turbo Oil Drain Pipe Repo??


Where'd all my money go?
May 28, 2001
My turbo oil drain pipe for my hotair is totally fubar, and i need a new one. I thought i heard of someone having some in stock or a repo one. Maybe if someone has a mint one they arent using, i could buy it off them??

Also, who sells that turbo mounting bracket with the hole cut in it, so installing the turbo drain pipe is much easier? I need to get that oil leak fixed asap. Any info would be great.
Eastern Performance sells a HD one - for around $75 (I think).

I ordered one and it was here in 3 days........

How do I contact them? Do they have a web site or an email address, or a phone #? Thanks.
Use the 86-87 one. Cut off the very end and do away with the nut. It's about 1" longer and you'd be surprised how much easier that 1" makes it to get it into the grommet.
i bought the heavy duty one from ESP. Its a flexible rubber line with braided steel. much better design. And it cant be bent, making it much easier to install. thanks for all of your feedback guys, i appreciate it.
The one I bought form esp about 3 mothes ago was not braided stainless - it was a really heavy-duty crinked stainless one (like the stocker, but not tin).
Hey guys anyone have a picture of the drain tube from ESP?? Its not just a fancy looking 86/87 drain tube? Is it more flexiable, but yet still wont bend. I have a 86/87 tube and the damn thing just doesnt want to go in.

Thanks much, Nick:cool: