turbo oil filter

oh man, i'm sorry dude, i'd totally forgot about this thread. and i must've deleted the pics i had posted here back when i was deleting all the pics from that silly buick/babe thread. i remember looking for a part number on that filter and couldn't find one. its kind of a generic filter/strainer, i'm sure alot of them similiar would work. if you want, just call the guy i got it from. the place is called turbo center. his number is 3144813778. just explain that your out of state, etc.. and saw a pic posted and you want some info about it. he's a really nice guy and i'm sure will help you out.
i'll try and get another pic up here soon.

lol! i know, i know... they wher just some cell phone quality pics that i took of a girlfriend out in the garage in her undies last winter with my gn. i posted some of them and some dude started crying about it so the owner of the board said knock it off

i've got some time to screw around abit today so i've taken a couple pics. again, i've seen some of the other turbo filter setups you can buy that would no doubt be a better option especially if your using the regular size oil filter for it. but this one didn't cost me anything cept the price of the filter and some 1/4 inch brake line and has been working good so far
you should put a pressure guage between the turbo and the filter, at least youll know if its starting to clog