turbo oil filter


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Mar 31, 2006
i'm just posting cause i wanted to be first. :biggrin:
this is a easy one.
i wanted my turbo oil filtered, but don't like the looks of any of the kits i've seen. most are a universal type that use hose instead of hard line.

i bought a oil filter from the local turbo shop that has a reusable steel mesh filter, then went to auto parts store and bought a 3 foot 1/4 inch brake line. removed and shelved the stock oil line, got out my flaring kit and tube bender (both are inexpensive and sold everywhere), and away i went.

running the line in front of the turbo instead of behind doesn't interfere with anything for my specific car, plus allows easy access to remove and clean the filter.

i'm open for any suggested improvements or comments
HOLY SMACK!!!! i just realised that was my 1,000th post!!! :eek: i'm gonna go celebrate right now!!
Excellent idea. And you probably made out cheaper than I did with the one I have on my Charger.


Still, good peace of mind to know that even if your engine lets go, the turbo will survive. Learned that the hard way once.
That looks good,
i have seen some INLINE filter on the web and ebay for 15 or so but yours looks FACTORY:cool: good work and the filter looks easy to take out and clean over the ebay units.
You have any more ino on that filter? Brand, part number?

They are called a strainer......the one in the pic looks to be stainless......you can get them at any plumbing supply store ( not Lowes or Home Depot).....I would bet Grainger would have them too.
i'll get part number up next time at the garage.
the guy at the turbo shop swears by them. i think he's early 60's, has been in the business for a long long time, and he only works on turbo's, nothing else, so i figure he probably knows what he's talking about. when i took him a used turbo i bought to be completely redone before i installed it, he told me if i installed that filter he would guarantee me i would never bring it back because of shaft or bearing damage.
said it was aggrivating because he might put $1,000 or more work into some of these turbos some of these kids bring it for their ricers, but they won't bother to spend $50 to install a filter. :eek:

considering the tiny surface area of the strainer, if your engine does let go, are you worried about the fact that any measurable amount of bearing material / whatever else might actually completely cover the strainer and starve the turbo for oil?
I would consider that way less likely than the same material reaching the bearing cartridge and destroying the turbo.
the bigger the filter, no doubt, the safer you are, but this one isn't exactly tiny either. regardless, if the very rare chance that my engine is going to come apart and starve my turbo, then i guess i'll be pulling my turbo apart and rebuilding.
i had planned on checking/cleaning it about every 1000 miles, but considering i only average about 500 miles a year on the car, thats gonna be a ways off. i change the oil twice a year, which is when it will be checked
i apologize to everybody thats asked me for a part number. i finally made it the turbo shop today and bought another. th guy said you can get them through any auto parts store, (for whatever thats worth :rolleyes: )
the only numbers on it are: "800", also a "782" stamped on it, and, "1/4" 316"

i'll post pics of it
Have you verified the flow rating of that little filter? A turbo needs ALOT of oil. ('cept the roller bearing turbos)
no i haven't. good question. i just assumed everything was good to go since it was suggested by the turbo shop guy.
i'll ask.
This is good info, im always looking for ways to save cash. So the same fitting that go to the turbo, will screw into that filter?
no, you'll need to buy the 2 little adapters. napa, etc... carry them