Turbo oil leak?


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May 26, 2001
Tracking down oil leaks. Just finished my feed line leak. Looks like my return is leaking also and noticed this. Looks like it is caked on, not wet at all. This normal? Do turbos leak from there?


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You know what they say, “If your Turbo Buick isn’t leaking oil, you don’t have any in there”!

They shouldn’t. Check the return gasket(between the turbo & return pipe), make sure the bolts are tight, & make sure your return line doesn’t have any cracks or splits.
The return line warps like headers and leaks
Very common.
Put straight edge on it and see.
If it passes the test then new gasket and tighten it up.
Ok. Thanks. I'll have to clean it real good first and straight edge it. I'll post back with the results.
What isn't with these cars?
Like when you're removing a bolt that is used to mount a fan relay and you drop it and it COMPLETELY DISAPPEARS. Then when you cool off (two days later) and you're looking at that LITTLE open area between the side of the battery and the battery tray and you think, "no way." Yup. Pull the battery stay-down bracket off, cock the battery to the left a little and viola...there's the FN bolt. Fun times.