Turbo question


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Nov 4, 2005
Hey guys I have a question for you. I have an 87 GN. I recently ported and polished the turbo compressor. When I reinstalled it, it seemed to boost too quickly and very high. I have seemed to slightly fix it by tightening and changing some turbo hoses. My question is what nipple on the solenoid on the passanger valve cover does the hose go on that goes from the compressor to the solenoid? thanks
Thanks for the info.. Why isn't anything connected to the other nipple (furthest from the passenger fender).
It's for a little sponge-like filter... (disintegrates with time). Make your own or see ebay...
You can buy that foam filter from PostonBuick or KirbanPerformance for about $2.00. It keps dust/dirt out of the open nipple. hehe...nipple...hehe