Turbo recommendations


Nov 7, 2002
I'm shopping for an upgrade as my stocker is needing to be rebuilt.
I've spoken with many people and read the boards, etc. Still confused.

I was wondering if I could get some input from more experienced TR people.
I'd like to hit mid 11's or better but be completely streetable. Just want to make one good pass on the track and then I won't bother with racing anymore. I just like a reliable street car with tons of power :D

Here's what I've got so far:
walbro 340/hotwire
msd 50lber's /TT chip
dutt neck IC
KB ram air
SMC alky (not yet installed)
THDP (not yet acquired)
rebuilt tranny with stock TC
62mm tb/ported plenum/rjc power plate

I'll probably be looking for a used turbo as I'd like to keep the price cheap.
I'm currently looking at a PT52.

Any recommendations?
Stock TC and mostly street driving I'd stick to a 44 or else perhaps a BB 60.

A lot more doors open up with 3K or 3.2K stall converter, lockup for the street. :cool:
I'm open to swapping the TC. I spoke with Art Carr a few days ago and he was telling me about his 9/11 TC...

I suppose I can get one of those. With something like that thrown into the mix what other options do you guys recommend.

Maybe, if you know, you could recommend a turbo/TC combo. It doesn't have to be Art Carr. It just happens to be a familar name to me.

Thanks for the help...
Art carr makes a great converter, but so do many others from I have read. I just have experiance with his. A 44/49 turbo will get you where you want with great tuning. If you want to keep the car reliable for mostly street use, and a mid 11 is your ULTIMATE goal, stick with one of those. But, you better be sure that that is all you want. I know there are very few people that set the 11's for a goal and stay happy with it. I was one of them and it's just not good enough.

Good luck
Some good points have been raised. I really only had thought about hitting 11's but maybe I should have clarified. I am usually prone to overbuilding. I'd rather have a larger turbo or bigger setup that is being moderately pushed as opposed to a setup that is maxed out in order to achieve the same performance. I'm thinking the less stress I have to put on the components, the lesser the chance of damage.

Would I have to max a 49 to hit 11's?

I have a friend with a TA49 and another with a TA61. Both pull about as hard as the other (quite quick).

But then, there's another with a 45a and he can break the tires (275/60/15's) loose at 50mph... :biggrin:

Would a 49 or a 61 series do that?

Where does the PT52 sit in this mix? And besides the 45a, which one of these if any is considered a "big shaft" turbo?

Sorry for all of the questions, but the more I read the more confused I get... :confused:

Thanks to everyone for the input so far.
I run the TA61 with a garrett .63 housing. Its a little laggy on the street with the stock converter, but it gets the job done at the track. Other guys have run this turbo with better results than me (stangbanger, quikt, etc.). My car runs 11.25s-11.30s pretty consistantly.
I was at the track the other night with several TR guys. One of them had a BOV on the uppipe to prevent surge from damaging the turbo. A couple other guys who run big shaft turbos, claimed it was unnecessary. However, on the Turbonetics website, they claim that ALL turbos should have a BOV. WTF???

What am I to believe? I'd prefer no BOV as it sounds ricey but, Unless I want to pay big bucks for a big shaft turbo, is this a necessary precaution.

I'm asking what may seem like many pointless questions, but I want to do this only once so I want to make the best decision and spend the money where it is best utilized. Hence, if a 45a is in the cards, so be it.

That said, where does one go to find a "DEAL" on a big shaft turbo such as this?

Also, with this combo that I'l trying to put together, what will the recommended Stall be? ( I run stock and can live with that for a little while while I search for the right one.) I've read that Pat's seems like the way to go on a reasonable budget...