Turbo Regal Parts from Dynotech - Eric Schertz

Interested in the Mease ported throttle body 65mm,I would need it shipped to CA.92064 ill pay.What shape is throttle body in?,brand new,used,need to
know to make offer,let me know please.

I'm interested....

Hi Liz,

I am local and would be interested in a bunch of stuff. Please let me know the best way to contact you.

Although I did not know your husband very well, he did alot of work on my car @ his Island Park shop during the summer/fall of '07. He was always a pleasure to deal with and took great pride in his work. I was very sorry to hear of his passing - my condolances.

In addition, I would be happy to help you move these extra parts in any way I could: Coordinating inquiries, hosting pictures, ebay, shipping, etc...

Let me know.
Ill take the power steering pump, p/s pump cover, accessory brackets, the belt tensioner, and pulleys if your willing to ship them to IL.


TY 140 Battery Relocation Kit

What does the kit come with? I'm in NJ so I could pick up. How much? Mike
Shoot me a list of the chrome turbo Regal engine parts you have and a price. Thank you for your time.
intercooler fan

need one, let me know how much shipped to 76106 ft worth texas. also let me know if all blades are good and not chipped or cracked.
no PM sent

if you were sending me one on the intercooler fan send it again, i don't see it on my in box.

Parts for Sale

I apologize, but I haven't checked this post in awhile. Many parts have been sold to people who were customers of my husband and live locally. I am putting together a list for someone who is interested in buying the remainder of parts in bulk. Thanks.