turbo shields, intake, valve covers, etc


Buckeye Bullet
May 26, 2002
Stock intake, fuel rail, regulator, injectors, sensors, plenum, lower coil pack bracket, coolant tubes needs cleaned and painted $250 plus shipping

Stock plenum, needs cleaned/ painted $40 plus shipping

Stock throttlebody complete with sensors, no vacuum block $110 plus shipping

stock throttlebody, bare $40 plus shipping

2 passenger side 84/85 valve covers (same as 87, just has no breather hole in the front), very clean $20 each plus shipping

1 pair 86/87 valve covers, need cleaned $45 plus shipping

chrome turbo cover, very nice $125 plus shipping

stock turbo cover, decent shape $35 plus shipping

stock turbo cover, good condition $45 plus shipping

stock turbo cover, painted black, needs redone $35 plus shipping


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The chrome on the turbo shield is in great shape the spots are lint from the towel I wiped it with.
I copied this from my old post, and forgot to revise prices.
Stock upper plenum $25 plus shipping
Complete TB $75 plus shipping
Bare TB $30 plus shipping
pass side 84/85 valve covers $15 a piece plus shipping
86/87 valve covers $40 plus shipping
any of the 4 non chrome turbo shields $30 a piece plus shipping
more pics
also 4" inlet, stock style 4 bolt flange exit V&P racing muffler. Can be used to mate a 4" down pipe to a cat back exhaust. $30 plus shipping


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4" inlet, stock style 4 bolt flange exit V&P racing muffler

I'd like the muffler. Let me know the total with shipping and how to get you paid.


Is the Chrome turbo cover cut for an aftermarket DP... If so send me payment address, if it's for a stock DP I'll pass... thanks.

Bump for a good seller.

This is the same nasty looking black turbo cover I bought from you.



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