Turbo T/A performance parts! Good bye Buicks Sale!

trading t/a

I'm Angry!!!!!
TTA heads for sale!
As stated, only a couple hundred miles on them. Only thing not done is polishing and reshaping of the combustion chambers. I do not have a flow sheet sorry. Would like to sell local, but will mail em + shipping of course(heavy buggers). New springs, retainers, guides, keepers, valves, valve job, etc.

$1050 plus shipping

Stock Intake, intake runners cleaned up as well as injector bosses $ 1200 with heads fuel rail and injector harness(like new). $200 seperate

2 drivers side valve covers with breathers $100

TTA billet vaccum block $35

218/221.5 DLS cam(break in miles only, lifters matched to specific lobes) $250

206/206 comp cam(weber racing, break in run time only, no mileage/lifters matched to specific lobes) $250

CPT-65BB/P-trim .63 housing 4in./2.5in cover 61mm Compressor wheel(less than 500 miles)$1150

ATR 3in DP with ATR external gate(no flex-pipe, cut and rewelded for global west SFC's) $500

55lb injectors like new $275

Modded ecm $165

Pro tourqe L/U 10" 3200 like new $300

Accufab Billet adj. regulator like new $80

Scanmaster $210

TTA manifolds and crossover $450

TTA trans (shifts nice with Pat's 12") $350

TTA crossmember $250\

Shortblock still in car will be removing soon and will be for sale ASAP. It is a .030 over J&E forged piston rebuild, with arp rod cap bolts and arp studded stock main caps. Haven't decided price somehwere between $2750-$3000.

Please send all offers and requests for pics through pm's. Please request pics if you are only serious and have cash to buy(no wish lists)I work a ton of O/t and a 6 month old baby so time is a premium.

Prices are subject to a very slim negotiation. I believe most are fair but make a similar offer and we'll talk. I need to move this stuff. Have reciepts for most of the stuff listed....

Thanx in advance guys!

Have someone interested in tranny, working with him first. Will repost if it falls through...

The tranny has a new pump less than 300 miles on it, To my knowledge never rebuilt and it doesn't slip.
First in line for the following parts. I'm checking on a few things so there will be a short delay on the shortblock and tranny.


Sales pending on the following-

TTA vaccum block,Accufab reg,Scanmaster-Metal
Modded ECM MYgrain