Turbo Thunder XIX at Pacific Raceways on July 28th


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Jun 19, 2010
This year's Turbo Thunder is scheduled for racing on July 28th. The 27th is a Good Guys race so I don't think we'll have much if any test n tune, but for those that would like to arrive on Friday the gates open at 4 pm and racing is from 5 - 9 pm. Saturday is also a busy day at the track so get there early to get a couple of wacks in before racing. Saturday the gates open at 7 am - racing starts at 9 am and goes to 11 pm. Entry fee for Turbo Thunder is $20 , which is separate from the track's entry fee. Look for us in the first parking lot on the left just after the ticket booth. Thanks again to all the fantastic sponsors , racers and friends that help make this event possible! Hope to see you all there !!!
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Well looks like the good guys took over the place

No turbo buicks to be found

Maybe tomorrow?

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hey Bob, think most folks will be there today. Was it pretty busy last night, how bog of a turn out of Good Guys cars you recon?
It was huge!

I hope to get there sometime after 5pm today

Im looking to meet and hang out with some other GN gearheads

Few and far between in idaho!


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its not even on the schedule, WTH. I called and got nothing from them. Im hoping Dan, GN Northwest, has something on this.
We'll be there shortly , we were put on the schedule after they posted it. Historically it's been tough to get them to change the schedule on the website once it's posted , but we were assured that we are on the schedule. See you all there!