turbo transmission??? HELP


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How can you tell the difference between a grand national (turbo) trans and a regular Gbody (non-turbo) trans. Also what does BRF transmission mean.

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The 86 and 87 Turbo Buick trans have a tag, sometimes blue, yellow or pink i think, that say BRF. These trans have a wider 2nd gear band and a governor, servo and valve body specific for the torque these cars can put down.
BRF is the letter code on the I.D. tag for the trans in an 86' or 87' Buick turbo car. It's Blue on an 86, Yellow on an 87'. The main internal differences are the valvebody, spacer plate, larger intermediate servo for the 2nd gear band, and the governor.
1986 and 1987 turbo Buicks came with the 200-4R transmission coded BR-F, the "BR" of the transmission denotes internal parts & valve body calibration of the unit. The letter "F" denotes that the transmission is a 200-4R. GM decided to add a third letter to the code in 1986, previous years, such as a 1985 turbo Buick would be coded BQ.

The valve body, spacer plate, governor, intermediate servo and a few hard parts are the main difference between units. All 200-4R’s use the same band and clutches.