Turbo Tweak 6.0


Anyone running the Turbo Tweak 6.0 and closing the loop with an LC1 wideband? Is it working well? Does it hit the AFR setpoint pretty well? Any issues?
Sounds like the way to go from what I read on TurboTweak site. I have an LCI and Powerlogger with 60lb injectors and TurboTweak chip that I put in last year. Thinking of upgrading to the 6.0 chip and was looking for input from anyone already using it.
I have one Just getting started tuning it but it tracks pretty well. At my last track outing there were some lean spikes to about 12:1 or so but it was diagnosed as my tranny dragging the RPM's down more than expected and a balky maf.

Working on the cure.
My dad and I have been running his closed loop chip for years and LOVE it! What's really nice is you command the a/f ratio you want and it attempts to maintain it there no matter what the ambient conditions are...very little to no messing with FP and the like. Once you figure out what works for your car and combo and get it dialed in, you will wish you had something like it years ago. It's like having a cheap version of the DFI or FAST system. Do yourself a favor, buy a data log book for drag racing and keep accurate numbers every pass you make. After a while you will be able to look back over the years and see exactly what your car liked or disliked for certain tracks, conditions, fuel etc...
The only negative thing I will say is this chip is not for the plug and play type of owner. You will need to tweek it to get the best performance out of your motor...and that my friend takes pass after pass to do. Good luck and go for it, you will be happy.
I have been running one since december and love it. It tracks very well with my only issue being a quick lean spike on the intial hit which is most likely attributed to having my base settings too far off so that it has to adjust more to get to the right ones. Its one of the best mods ive done.
Got one sitting on my desk! Hope to get it installed this weekend. Going from an Extender Extreme for the hell of it. Can I leave the wire needed to adjust the parameters with the Extreme hooked up to the ECM???
I installed on a few weeks ago with a PLX WB and am extremely pleased. I'm not the best with tuning and such, so anything that makes it easier is plus.

Like almost all of his chips, it was pretty much dead on out of the box.

Leave everything. Just change the dip switch settings to what is on the sheet Eric sent ya.
ive had 6.0 alky since back in 06 , with lc1 set to 1/12 sec update , target af was always dead on no surprises , car had its best mph on the 6.0 , still running the beta 6.0 in my 87, havent tried the newest 60 and sd chips but should be even better since mine were test chips before powerlogger existed