Turbolink at Bradenton


John 15:17
Nov 12, 2001
Anyone have turbolink going to Bradenton?

My turbolink (2.13) is giving me FITS! I would like to try someone else's cable.

I already did the obvious stuff, power inverter, grounds, etc...:mad:
If you don't come up with a cable to use, you're welcome to use my Scanmaster 2.1...I have it set up to move from car to car. Just set up a 12v and ground near the ALDL with MALE 1/4" slide connectors, as I have females on the Scanmaster cable.
Thanks. Sounds like a plan.

I never got the damn thing to work. I have had it for two years, but I only have used it a few times. Drives me crazy.

What ever happened with the GN you were looking at?
Still haven't heard back from her. I plan to go over and bug her about it again before the weekend. Was hoping to pick it up in time to bring it to Bradenton to try and sell it. Guess the old guy won't let her sell it for $3,500. Oh well, I don't want it bad enough to offer her more. I'll let you know the latest when I see you this weekend.
Let me know.

My dad has never owned a GN/TR and he wants one after seeing mine.

I have 1 & I'll be at track both days. No experience using it though
I live in Bradenton
Herb Pattison
87 t type limited