TurboLink v2. 13


Jan 8, 2004
I know we're talking 30 yr old scan tech here amd a long shot, but figured I'd see if anyone is still using it and have had the issue I describe.

I receive random malfunction codes that show in one frame then gone in the next frame. I also notice some erroneous readings, for example road speed will show something like 52 MPH for a frame when I am actually doing around 10 MPH. Maybe a cable hardware issue??

The car itself feels and seems to be running fine.
This is TurboLink 2.13, running in 87 GN.
might be the cable, but the buicks have funny noise issues in the datastream due to interference with the low speed fan relay.

try unplugging the low speed fan relay ans see if the issue improves. (middle relay on the driver's side I think)