TurboLink compatible USB to serial adapter

Scott Atk

Senior Member
May 25, 2001
I bought one from BestBuy that is "IOGEAR" brand and it doesn't work, anybody know of a commonly available one that works?
That's weird. IOGear are one of the few that work with FAST. I know the belkins don't work with FAST.

I'd call MotoTron to ask about it, they made it and do a great job of supporting TurboLink: 970-226-3867. I got mine from them. :)
I was all over their site looking to buy one and I couldn't find where they sold them. They do mention a brand that works (easysync) but the link they provide is dead.
I was just hoping someone would say,"yeah, I got such and such form Radio Shack..... works great"
Is there an ANSWER for this question??? Just got a Newer laptop and Ditto on the Best Buy POS USB to Serial connector NOT WORKING!!!!:mad: :mad:

Ken are you out there??