TurboLink Prom Display #


May 25, 2001
What is the significance of this number? On my ATR chip ( I know,I know, but its only in for emissions, no flames please ) the number stays constant but on my MMC chip its constantly changing. Is this right or is just the Chip, I'm gonna check my Thrashers soon but was wondering whats up.
That's normal... MMC had some of the chips that slipped the injector pulse width into the datastream (instead of the PROM ID). So as it changes, you're seeing the hex value of the PW (which is two bytes).
Thanks for the response Ken. I don't suppose there is a way to interpret those values to be usable.;)

Another question about the TLink,
TPS set at .44 at idle on TLink
On Scanmaster TPS is .42
Aren't they reading from the same place? If it matters I do have Boost Sensing harness but shouldn't they read the same?