87GN Stock Throttle Body Question

I still have a lot to learn, this forum has helped me tremendously. There is still genuine helpful guy's here.
TWIN TURBOS? Of course they do!
The one that's on the car, and the stock one on the shelf in the garage!
Check this one out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/938505229541590/user/561479284

"I have a real FBI code 1987 GN. Engine mods - making 1,000HP+
Original paint and interior- still has the Maine State Trooper sticker from 1988 on the windshield
See the build codes… what do we think it’s worth"
bwahahaa! 1000HP!!!!
Stock ignition. Vacuum block instead of push loc lines. Stock intake and throttle, and a MAF-T... so it's on the stock ECM still.