Turbos, injectors, scanmaster,powerlogger


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May 26, 2002
New Precision 6665 cast wheel turbo. E cover, .63 turbine housing, never used. I painted the centersection so it won't rust, POR15 manifold paint on the turbine, and cast aluminum paint on the compressor so it cleans easily. This turbo is the same a TE45a, but with the newer high flowing F1 10 blade turbine. High 9 sec potential, easy low 10's with supporting mods. $700

76GTQ with .85 turbine, S cover. Was just rebuilt by Precision less than 500 miles ago. I went high 8's with this same turbo. $500 SOLD

PT54, .63 turbine, e cover, with actuator, low miles. A very good high 10 sec turbo, good for a stock long block engine $425

(2) .63 Garrett exhaust housings for T31 wheel, TE44, TA49, TE/TA60, 6131, etc $125 each

95lbs injectors, little usage, used with C16 $225 SOLD

MSD 50lbs injectors, $125

Stock ECM modded for low impedance injectors $150 SOLD

Scanmaster 2.2 and Powerlogger board. This is just the board that goes into the ECM, the cables and interface can be bought easily from Bob Bailey. $275 SOLD

Aerospace Components front drag brakes, used a 1/4 mile at a time, at Bowling Green and Norwalk for a handful of years (5 maybe). They are brakes, they get dust on them, but work as should. Come mounted to modified stock spindles and braided hoses. $500

I have a rebuilt short block with .030 over TRW pistons, ARP main studs and rod bolts, crank turned .020, 212/212 roller cam, Comp roller lifters, double roller timing chain, front cover. The engine has been run since rebuild. It came in a car I bought. $1500, local pick up in 44039

All parts are plus shipping.


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Powerlogger has been sold. 95lbs injectors and 76 turbo are sold as well.

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