Turbos, Mbc, Pod, Pillar, Duttneck Slic


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Jul 24, 2007
New Boost Controller For Inside The Car,, The Big Black Knob Type,, With All Install Stuff /bracket In Box. 40 Shipped

Grey A Pillar From 87 Grand Natty , Good Driver Quality , 20 Shipped

Single Guage Pillar Pod , New, Autometer In Box, 20 Shipped

Rebuilt Precision Te 34 W/ Adj. Actuator , O Miles, Still In Bag, 600 Shipped

Rebuilt 87 Turbo W/ Adj. Actuator, 20k, No Problems, 250 Shipped

Freshly Bead Blasted(bare Cast Aluminum) Slic W/ Dutt Neck Installed 300 Shipped
Stock turbo

On the stock turbo, is that 20,000 since the rebuild? Any shaft play? damage? pics? Thank you.
20,000 since the rebuild is correct. Just normal shaft play for a dry housing. NO DAMAGE. Working on pics,, hopefully when I get home at 6
pics of mbc, pillar/pod

Here are some pics, sorry I slow

Yea , it is stock intercooler w/ duttneck. I can't get a pic up to save my as.... sorry.