Turn One Steering - Great Service


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May 25, 2001
I recently had my power steering pump rebuilt/upgraded by Turn One Steering. It had been whining since my hydroboost brake conversion, finally time to get it fixed.

Turn One finished the rebuild very quickly, even near the holidays. Unfortunately, some info slipped through the cracks and they rebuilt it back to stock, rather than increasing pressure/output for hydroboost. When they realized what happened, they reached out to apologize and offered to fix it immediately. A few days later and the pump was re-rebuilt and ready to go.

I sincerely appreciate their honesty and integrity. They didn't need to say anything and I may have never noticed the issue. However, they did the right thing and earned a repeat customer.

Kudos to Mark and his team for all their help!

(Mods, I hope this is okay to post here.)
Had my PS pump modified for HydroBoost by Turn One also.
They did a great job & quick turn around for me too!
Thumbs up to Junior & the Team at Turn One 👍👍👍
I just talked to Mark at Turn One today. He told me that I could send in my pump and they will pull a few parts off of it to put on the new pump. I didn't ask him what parts were transferred to the new assembly, but I did say I would be wanting my unused parts back. Wondering if you guys got your old stuff back and what was used on the new pump.
They made me an all new aluminum bodied pump for me. Great people. They need some old parts for reverse rotation.