Turn Signal Flasher


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Aug 24, 2002
My turn signals decided to start working very slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyy. They flash once every ten seconds so I was going to change the flasher but I have no idea where it is, not in the usual spot in the fuse panel. Anyone know?

Check to see that all the bulbs are working, and that you are getting good voltage. Flashers generally either work or don't work, I have never seen one just work slowly. Is your alternator good? Headlights a little dim?
All the bulbs are fine, have replaced each and everyone of them, even the side lights in the fender and rear quarters. Getting 13.7-13.9 volts from the alt and the lights are bright.

Still looking

I had that same problem with a my grand prix. It turned out that my alternator was bad. I would take it to some place like batteries plus and they will test it for free.