turn signal problem


hey guys
have a problem with my right turn signal. couldnt find the answer in the search. the problem im having is my right turn signal lights solid and does not blink most of the time, once ina while it will work. the left and hazards works perfectly, so do all the other lights. all the bulbs are good. any info would help, thx
I'd check all your grounds if your sure the bulbs are good. I don't think it would be a flasher because it's only the right side.
I would say that it is still a bulb issue. Our turn signals use dual filament bulbs. One element may still light even if the other is out. I have known bulbs where part of the filament would come loose and the bulb would only work when it was jarred and the parts made contact again. It could also be a bad socket. Although they are not supposed to fit I have even seen wrong bulbs and bulbs put in 180 degrees off. Check all of your bulbs, front and back. Look for dark bulbs and make sure they are in correctly and tight. Turn the lights on and look for differences in brightness. Have some one step on the brakes and check again. If anything looks odd then that is probably your problem. If all of those check out it may be in the harness and you will just have to hunt wires.
Completely agree with what corsair has stated. Had the same thing happen multiple times with multiple vehicles. Was the bulb two out of three times. One time it was a contact within the socket that was slightly corroded. A tiny file and a soft scraping of the offending contact fixed it.
Is the little marker light working? If it's not working then that could be a clue, assuming it's not burned out. There is a black ground wire that goes from the running light socket, possibly to the flasher, then to the marker. It's the grey socket closest to the fender. You will see three wires. Two wires are next to each other and one is off to the side. The one that is off to the side is the ground. Try wiggling it and see if that works. Or it could be loose in the grey socket.
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