TV cable question


Nov 8, 2007
Just put a great billet century trans in my Buick. Shifts great and hard but I have a question.
when I checked the tps it was at 3.63 at wot and .44 at idle. I could not get it to go higher.
I slotted the holes and still the same. I then disconnected the tv cable and I noticed that the throttle goes to the stop now and before it was only going about 3/4 the way. I checked the tps with the tv cable disconnected and it goes to 4.63 at wot. So I reconnected the tv cable and readjusted it. When at wot the tv cable is tight and just flexes the the bracket the tv cable is connected to. The tv cable is very tight at wot.

Also before I did this it down shifted with a clunk from 3 to 2nd gear. I know the tv vavle is fully compressed at wot but how about part throttle? I just don't want to burn up this new trans.
Is this a Century transmission out of Texas? Either way, it's best to contact the builder on the shift question. Did you measure the pressures at installation?
yes it is out of texas, and no I did not measure the pressures. Bu it shifts hard and good. I have never measured the pressures before unless I had a shifting problem. Just was wondering about the cable. I know it is tight at wot and so tight it flexes the bracket slightly. Don't see how you could adjust it any more than it is without losing wot.
Verifying pressures at installation is a good idea. The TV cable is likely too tight, resulting in shifting issues.
I did adjust the way he states except the half click. My bracket flexes just a tiny bit.hope this calms down the 3 to 2 downshift clunk
call century before hammering on it ..might have some more insight for you