Twas the night before Christmas Buick edition


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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city
The only thing that moved, was me full of pity
For I looked to my right and what did I see
But the driver of Mustang wanting to race me
He must not have realized what I was driving
Or perhaps hear my turbo start whining
I gave it some gas in anticipation of green
And when the light flashed there was a loud scream
Of tires burning rubber and throaty exhaust sound
As my face did grin while the tires spun round
We raced down the street with our engines aglow
But my Buick went faster defeating its foe
What was this black car that had won without hype
A Buick Grand National Regal T-type
A V6 with turbo then intercooled and fuel injected
Made this car on the street a car to be respected
I made my way home and arrived at my house,
Parked the car and tiptoed in quiet as a mouse
I went into the den and what did I see
Santa putting presents underneath the tree
He turned his eyes toward me and shook his head slightly
Street racing he said can’t be taken lightly
I’m tempted to give you nothing but coal this year
But you can’t I said my heart filling with fear
Please I said just try taking my car for a spin
And with a twinkle in his eye a big jolly grin
He accepted my offer and strapped into the seat
Backed the car out and pulled into the street
And with a mighty big laugh he stomped on the gas
Our bodies thrown back in the seats we accelerated so fast
Through the streets we went spreading goodwill and cheer
He seemed to like the car better than his twelve reindeer
We got back to the house and Santa did say
I wish I could trade your Buick for my sleigh
He gave me my presents in exchange for his delight
Jumped in his sled and as he flew out of sight
Said Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Wrote this in my spare time hope all enjoy it!
Yes, very good! I thought it was going to the other one that every other car owner has made into their own.

Should be in class, but on the computers at school. Buick's are more important, wearing my new GN shirt i made last night (ill post pics when i get home) :cool: