Twin Turbo 3000hp Vette


Let's see................600 cubes of race motor plus 2~101 mm turbos....yep, that's a race motor alright. I can't wait to see that thing run.:)
Can you cay 5 second door slammer???
If all goes well this will be one tough ride.
Originally posted by John Wilde
Can you cay 5 second door slammer???
If all goes well this will be one tough ride.

Yup if all goes well that should easily be a 5 second door slammer!!!
I remember back in the 90's she had a '67/'68 Pink Camaro with a 632ci NOS motor that hauled some *ss as well. This project should be insane when it hits the track.

Notice the extreme stretched front end ;) . I'd want that also when running probably close to 230mph.


She'll have to get by Superman (Scotty Cannon) & Fat Pockets (Mike Ashley) first. They're the real Dynamic Duo!! I'm sure the swingarm on her car ain't too happy about them 2 hairdryers under the hood either!!
there was another one, a c4 i think. it was in a chevy high performance and some tv show. it also made 3,000hp (on race fuel) ONLY 1600 on pump gas. it looked bone stock from the outside.
I recall the Vette talked about above, I believe. Saw it in the mag and on TV. The numbers I recall were 1300 hp on C-16 and 9XX on pump. Might be a different car here...this one was built by Bad Rides by Troy, is medium metallic blue and has very few gauges inside to give it away. Still, pretty much unheard of for a daily driven car.
After watching Kenny rip off a 6.85 with clutch problems in Vegas this October and listening to him talk, there is no doubt at all that he is the ultimate turbo guru engine builder today. He has made many, many fellas attain big names in racing running his stuff. I wish I could ask for blah, blah, blah with 'an open wallet' policy too :D
The funniest thing I remember about that turbo C4.......the owner put a small nitrous botle in the back of the 'vette, visible thru the back window. Of course the bottle isn't hooked up to anything. He said he would race someone at about half throttle and beat them pretty badly. the other driver would say...."unhook that bottle and let's race again"......So he would unhook the bottle and race again, only REALLY get on it this time! He said the look on their face is priceless.
The Reiger / Duttweiler 57 promod deal looked like it could have been interesting at the beginning too. Hopefully they'll follow through with this one.

The person that is funding this car is not as tempermental is Rieger. Has a lot more money from what I have heard as well.
This could be interesting!!!

BTW this person bought the promod 57 along with all the motors and is building several more. If I remember he has about 5 Duttweiler TT BBC.
You're right.. It will be a dogfight this year with Cannon putting his hat back in the ring.. However, around the Southeast, NOONE has been able to touch Big Money Bill Clanton lately.. He has dominated all the Southern Pro Mod matches..

Ought to be a good year for Pro Mod racing for sure...
The street car vette (c4) is John Meany's.
He helped design the Gen6 DFI and the Fast.