Twin Turbo BBC Build , Out with the LS 4.8.


Jul 6, 2012
I know this thread is over a year old but I still agree with the time you max out a SBE LS you might as well start thinking about building a big block if you're still wanting more power. By the time you get a 6 bolt block, rotating assembly etc you'll spend the same money as a built BB but you will start having issues when you start going over the 2k hp mark, no matter the block, lsx, LS next etc. If you do it right you can spend less building the bbc and it will make more and do it easier. Nothing against LS motors, they truely are amazing.

Car and motor looks awesome, basically the same motor I'm building for my Monte, same cylinder heads and all. Except I did the chassis first and have a nice FTI 400....just need to finish the motor now.

That's an easy high 8 sec pass and with that setup it would last forever at that level. Def enough motor to get it into the 4's. Awesome work man!


Aug 24, 2015
mustang oklahoma
Killer car and setup love the Buick 6 and even the ls stuff as I am putting one in my sons bandit trans am car but nothing beats the sound or power of a rat motor,absolutely love it.

The Granny

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Sep 30, 2015
Houston, Texas
congratulations, looks like that chassis is set up pretty damn well! where in texas are you if you don’t mind me asking?

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Mar 3, 2003
Mansfield, tx
4.98 @ 143 mph Pass
It's been a long time since I have posted, but I finally cracked into the 4 second zone earlier this year.
With plenty of power on tap I was fighting to make the MT 275 drag radials hook on marginally prepped tracks.
I sure learned a lot about suspension and power management while trying to reach this milestone.
This is at about 22 psi and leaving at 8 psi if I remember correctly.
Using the Wallace racing calculator and my race weight of 3611 lbs it estimates the motor is making about 1641 hp at the crank.
Here is something you might like, this was done on the ol 10 bolt rear end.
Fully braced, with girdle, strange axles and spool and c-clip eliminators. It has lived at over 1500 hp for many many passes now...
The 10 bolt is still in the car but as you can see from the 60 foot mark times Im not really pushing it hard the first 30 feet or so then the power pours in and it usually power wheelies the car at about the 60 foot mark a few inches in the air then at half track its at full boost and on the verge of spinning.
Even though I leave in 2nd gear in my TH400, I struggled keeping it from spinning from 60 to about 100 foot out where it starts coming into power.
The best thing I did to get the suspension to work was buy the base line suspension relocation brackets and add anti squat and control the separation rate with the adjustable shocks.
With about 1000 more (mostly unusable) hp on tap I don't know whats in store for this car next year other than some cosmetics and lowering the car.


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