two stage 2 intakes delivered to bg,


Jun 9, 2001
I have two stage two intakes one offcenter one oncenter ported to match most stage heads, these intakes are not converted to fuel inj,
75.00 each,
thanks oc,

I only have 3 intakes and they are almost identical the ports are are the same as the one you have, the only offcenter i have is on my engine, are your heads ported? im sorry the ports are bigger than your heads, list it for sale here, someone is allways looking for a intake,
thanks oc,

heads, i have 9 stage heads, 4 or two pair are from ruggles, one single head chapman ported, iron heads ported by schmitt of indy, pair from braytons off indy engine could be chapman ported, measuret he intake port
and send it to me and ill measure my heads and intake,
thanks oc,