ugly gn on ebay (what's with these guys)

Looks like he was trying to make it a Bum Bo Bee. It wouldn't be bad once you out it back to stock. I like that gauge holder minus the yellow. Do you know where I could get one of those?

Yucky yellow! Nice shifter handle!

You can get a gauge dash plate from Buick GN and buy the gauge angle brackets from Autometer to make one up.... that looks even better than that one. I need to take some pics of mine one of these days.
I don't think that yellow accenting is helping. I thinks it makes it rice. I never have seen those rims before and hope not to again. To each their own I guess.

quote: You are bidding on a 1987 Grand National 3.8 Turbo charged motor that has a 550 Horse power.

Looks to me like your just bidding on the motor. ;)

quote: This car has 20,000 invested into it.

20,000 what?

LOL, what a dork!

I hope he's not a board member and everyone is bashing him.:(

He's from Brooklyn, so the spelling is correct. Read his post with a Brooklyn accent.;)
i really like the idea of taking a color and adding little touches here and there of that color.

I also like yellow.

but can you say UUGH!!!

does he have no taste at all! or a stereo, or a shafter handle how about a drivers side headlight;)

why paint the blower fan for the heater? seriously thats just a bad touch, and the gas pedal, its yellow too!

one thing i did see that like is the ceramic turbo. can you buy them somewhere?
I would pay the winning bid, I think it is worth that price (I didn't see any rust, did someone else?) but would spend the first week with it doing a little cosmetics getting rid of that UGLY yellow.
I'm SHOCKED that the guys at Buick didn't think of that themselves. The yellow adds that little touch of class that every Buick should have.

Originally posted by JRSGN
>>> I Agree..

>>>> LOL thats funny...

Whats so funny about that??? born and raised and would have it no other way ;) ah whateva what the hell do i care friggen retards lol.. i clicked on the link and didn't recieving anything except they couldn't process my request.

Whats Funny is I have some buddys that live there & they talk the same way that the message was typed. Thats what is Funny.

ah whateva what the hell do i care friggen retards lol..

Your Right, Why should you........

haha i just posted in the other thread under bumble bee gn , lol that is my friends gn lol , now iam laughing even harder because you guys are dogging my friends car hahaha i mean once again i dont care but my friend who owned it passed away last year on a motorcycle, i have to find why the hell the specs of the car are written by somebody who had no schooling i mean c'mon i even laughed but no joke that car is crazy fast, and some of the **** is yellow because he wanted the whole car yellow and the parts that are missing my friend has the other parts for it, which the shifter knob is mine :) wow i cant believe that i was looking at the car and i was like wait a damn minute i know that car lol.