Ultra Chip For 84/85 Ecm

What are the specs on this chip? I am currently running a ATR Pitbull chip do you know if the chip you have is better than that or not?
Shoot me some details also, I have a 85 GN that I maybe interested in for.

My personal cars:

S10 with 87 GN Power/ sort of ,lol, Extremely Fast
86TTYPE (Cream Beige)
85GN (couldnt cut this one)
How much shipped to 80829? Also what# chip is it from caspers because I looked on their site and they have a few different versions. This is the 8 position thumbwheel chip isnt it?
Sorry to keep asking all of these questions but when the chips are ordered from caspers you have to tell them what all you have done to the car. Is this for an all stock car, or was it for a moded car? I think Ill take it either way. How would you like payment?
The chip is set for stock-30ibs injectors, stock turbo and an 85 ECM. The only other mods were to upgrade the entire exhaust system which does not affect the chip. Brad
I accept paypal which is the quickest. My e.mail is b.fairhurst@foxvalley.net and my paypal is under signon brad_padgett. Otherwise I accept any type of payment as long as the check clears. I ship priorty mail (cheapest) which is either two to three days to Colorado. Brad

P.S. I lived in Littleton for 17 years and I do love your state!
Ive lived here all 18 years of my life and been a few other places but dont love any of them as much as here. So is your paypal address the same as your email address?

The Paypal account is my email address. I will need your actual mailing address. Paypal will give me this or send me an email.Brad