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I think it's important that you guys know about my experience with Lonnie Diers. A few weeks back, I contacted Lonnie to build an engine for me. In all of my dealings with him he was a pleasure to do business with. Lonnie built me a killer engine. Well, long story short, after I got the engine in the car, I could not get the cam sensor in. Now I've put in a lot of cam sensors and I felt that something was wrong. I contacted Lonnie and after discussing the problem at length, he felt that it may have been a bad front cover. Now anyone would be a little upset, but we all know that bad front covers are nothing new. Most of us might have expected a new front cover. Well here's where Lonnie amazed me. He drove from his place of business-just outside of Cinncinati to my home near Chicago, IL. That's right, he drove over 6.5 hours to come to my house and swap out the cover personally.
Lonnie is a really nice person and really knows his stuff. I thought all of you guys should know the kind of professional he is. Oh and about 30 minutes ago after priming the engine, I held my breath and the cam sensor dropped right in. Thanks Lonnie. You're the man.

Lonnie is good people.
Great person to have in our community.

He never came to my house:mad:

Just joking;) Lonnie is good people and his work is second to none. My new engine from him has 75+ passes (all low ten, high nine second passes).
A few years back, I had Lonnie build me a transmission. When I installed it, for some reason, it would always start off in 2nd gear. Well, I probably don't need to tell you what happened next, that's right, he drove all the way from Ohio to fix it. Definitely one of the best!:cool:

Lonnie is amazing. I need to post some feed back for him but I'm having a hard time finding the words to describe just how great he is. Truly one of the best.
When working with Lonnie Dier's, you get what you pay for....Top quality worksmanship, parts, price and best of all he is very personable. Good person and a good friend. ;) Couldn't ask for any more than that.