Update!!.. Running strong like she's supposed to!

Jason A


So,, I want to update you all on my progress... First and foremost, let me Thank Rick Lutz!... After a trip Sunday to Ricks, he checked the obvious sources to what may be causing the problem in my car.. After a few hours, he suggested that I leave the car with him for the night... I agreed.. ( I didnt want to be breathing down his neck).. He calls me the NEXT morning and says its fixed!.. The problem, you ask?.. He found that the ground had come loose that was attached to a transmission bolt..WTF?.. not only that, he said 4 bolts were loose.. Rick buttoned up the ground, relocating it to the block, (where it can be easily reached next time something like this comes up) and tightened the bolts.... the result?...

My GN with all the upgrades, Runs like crazy!!.. just the way its supposed to!.. no stumble, all BOOST!... THANK YOU Rick for all your hard work and not giving up on me and my car.. ( sometimes I can be a pain).. Rick not only fixed my car issue(s).. did it with the professionalism that you wont find anywhere else.. Got a GN problem.??. First call.. Rick Lutz...hands down.