Updated list of parts (Pics of all)

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Jun 28, 2002
D5 Converer
GM timing set (complete), low miles all teeth on gear, minimal were on tensioner
Fuel rail guage
IAC motor
Coolant temp sensor
Knock sensor
EGR cover
Turbo Oil feed
Turbo oil return
Turbo oil return brass nut
Vac Pod stock
Crank sensor
Cam sensor
Stock waste gate actuator
Oil cooler lines
Bare 86/87 throttlebody
Power steering pump with pulley
Good motor mount
Heavy duty IC hose (turbo to IC)
Stock fuel press reg
Stock injectors
Stock front cover, original GM untouched.
Stock GM water pump, very low miles
Trans cooler line shield bolts to pass side head
Trans inspection covers (2) bottom one has one mounting tab broken
Stock AC comp.


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GN bumper impact strip very nice
AC line flex cover
Coil pack
Starter heat shield
(2) Delco 02 sensors
Non delco EGR
T stat housing
Stock T stat
Under hood relay for ac box
Tripple chrome plated stock oil fill tube with cap
Ported exhaust housing for TA-60 size wheel
Trans wiring clip for side of trans
Door escution
Seat belt trim
Fuel door lisence plate holder
2.5” exhaust clamp
2.25” exhaust band clamp, new
Exhaust elbow to downpipe donut gasket
Fender power antenna nut and sleeve
2 stock size oil filter adapters
Knock sensor – Sold
Boost silonide
IGN cylinder with key
Trans cooler line
Nylon platic inserts for license plate bracket screws 4 new
Headliner trip clip 1
2” heavy duty T clamp
Trunk catch with hardware
ECM good for core
Braided oil feed line
Oil pump pickup
2 cruise control boxes
NOS delco fan delay relay
NOS under dash brake switch


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Bump, make offers guys I need the room and could use the cash for my Hybrid build.
Update, parts sold:

Braided oil feed line
Egr cover
Oil pump pick up
boost solenoid
fuel rail guage
Stock W/G actuator
Dump pipe cover