Upgrade injectors?

Nov 24, 2003
ok my combo is in my sig, iam new to gns and am planning to get a scanmaster and a hot wire walbro 340.
but i have a K/N, cheetah turbo w/ garret .63 housing and a 2 piece 2.5in downpipe, also i have an unknown exaust system 2.5in.My qustion is will i need to upgrade these injectors to see max perfomance once i get the fuel pump and scanmaster?
lol,forgot to put that they are stock injectors...and any suggestions as to which injectors that would work well with my combo so far.

I would say go with a set of msd 50s,that way you have a lot of growing room with the rest of your combo.there is plenty of great chips for these injectors that will give you a great idle and good mpg.

There is also a new 57 injector for the stock ecm,the only reason I did not recomend them is because I dont know a lot on them or the chip support yet.

Whatever way you decide to go I would not go smaller then a 50.IMO

How about??

Like I said, how about just getting the current setup running like it should before spending several hundred on injectors??
AFTER the proper tuning and diagnostic tools are installed, is when I suggest you look for other modifications to add.

You don't say how many miles are on the car, but I would look at maintenence items such as plugs, wires, leaky gaskets, coil pack, headers welded up,a major spring cleaning, maybe valve springs and a timing chain replacement....Again, these are items that need to be assessed before you "hop it up" more.

My take on things...

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