used Razor Alky kit, SAC kit, partial


I don't know what this is worth, I used it on my thirdgen camaro/buick hybrid for about 3 years.

You get the following

(1) alky pump - leaks at the seal(pretty common problem from what I understand), I'm told they can be taken apart and milled down a little
(1) inline alky filter
(1) 1 nozzle
(1) sac controller and shielded power wiring to pump
(1) LED for pump-on notification

I don't have any of the alky resevoirs or any of the instructions for this kit anymore, I'm parting my car out for financial reasons.

I'm thinking 125 shipped for this.

Make me a reasonable offer.

Email me at as I don't check my PM's on this site.


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I want to call dibs.... how bad is the leak from the pump? Is it from the seal where the braided hose connects to the pump? The plastic seal?