using the forward drums backing plate in the direct drum?


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I'm just wondering if this is common practice or if there are any downsides that I don't know about. I bought an aluminum "apply plate", to replace the crappy apply ring in the bottom of the drum. This in turn has left a little more room and I decided to try and shove another clutch in there. I used two .077 thick steels along with the rest being standard thickness as well as a backing plate from a spare forward drum. I have achieved .038 clearance using these but wasn't sure whether there was a downside to using the forward backing plate(since it is thinner). I figured since only a couple of the steels are slightly thinner that nothing would be adversly affected heat wise compared to if i had just used all thinner steels to acheive an extra clutch. Hope it will work. Thanks guys.
Ok, well im gonna go ahead and run it, for future reference if somebody does a search, im wrong on which backing plate is thinner. Apparently at some point in my trannys life I used the thicker forward clutch backing plate in the directs to tighten them up. Not remembering this I assumed what I removed was the original and when i found a spare backing plate that was slightly thinner i assumed it was out of a forward drum, when in fact it was the original for the directs. Have a merry Christmas