v2 piping


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
Iam getting ready to do my intercooler and will need to do all new pipes , what is the best way to do this you think.

Should i try to buy some bent pipe from summit and try to cut them and make them work or get a exhaust shot to do it.
The cheapest way I found is to buy a pre mandrel bent tailpipe section from a muffler shop. Mine cost me $30 for 3" and was about 12' long with various angles. I just cut it in various places and was done in less than an hour.
Just wondering but do you have the pipes that come with the V2? If you have the ones that go under the core support, that would make the job much easier.
No , when i bought it i only got the intake and tb. I still need to find out where to run the vac lines and the brackets that i have . I think i'll just get some pipe and do it that way to.

thanks , how is your car coming cool84
I got my pieces from napa auto parts. They had alumized 3 inch mandrel bent elbows. I used 2 different styles and had an exhaust shop fit it all together. It cost me around $200 for my pipeing.