Vacuum question?


Aug 23, 2008
Im doing all my vacuum stuff this spring, trying to get blm's in check before I started it. Throttle body seals/plenum/pcv everything/ My intake maifold gasket has been replaced new/ injector seals are good/ HVAC has no leaks inside the cab.
I got question maybe somebody with experience can help. Vacuum line on my on the driver's side that was for the EGR. EGR is not being used, I'm using that port for my HVAC(heat) through the factory 2 way check valve at the back of the firewall. In that valve vacuum goes in the top /the 2 ports on the valve that split one goes to HVAC the other goes to vacuum ball under the drivers side.
Do I need the vacuum ball hooked up? and could I use one check valve?Which is the best way to hook it up
I believe so. If I remember correctly the vacuum ball holds the vacuum(when under boost) for the HVAC system selector.

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. If it were me, I'd keep the vacuum ball.
I looked up that two way check valve at kirban's. Explains exactly where everything should be connected. thx for helping, your correct. My blm's were at 132 last year(with translator set rich at idle), I think I fixed alot of leaks. Should be a difference, thx again. I even got a new billet vacuum block. cheers
Yeah I was just doing through the same things on my GN, and I’ve had the same thoughts on the vacuum ball, it’s pretty important.