Value and Paint Question


Jun 4, 2003
I have 87 GN with 62,000 miles since new. It is bone stock and only has seen the rain three times.
My question is the hood has a lot of small paint cracks in it and some paint flaking above the wheelwell on the right quater pannel. If i get these things repaired is it going to decrease the valve of the car? Everything is perfect on the car and plan on keeping it another ten years.

kirban 2 cents worth

Paint cracking means the entire hood has to be stripped to bare metal. As for the quarter panel that entire panel to a body line would have to be repainted. If the rest of the paint is excellent I would just do those areas. My kid has done several top notch GNs....

He could give you a proper assessment as black is very tough to "blend"

I mention my son only because you have a PA location.

Owned a few.....more than just a few