Valve Covers


Oct 26, 2007
Looking for a nice set of valve covers that will clear roller rockers. Prefer logo covers, but let me know what you have.

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i think nobody wants to part with the parts.:( hoarding is an awful thing!!!
I have a set. I will take pics tomorrow if you're still looking. Let me know.
I have a set of the Racetronix polished aluminum covers im not using.
Sure send me pis.

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Lmao. There brand new just dirty from sitting up since 2004. Not to many like this around I believe
Man make me an offer
I think he's looking to get nice covers for stock cover prices. He should just buy new ones for a couple hundred bucks. Hard to find or discontinued ones are worth more if you like the look or rarity of them.
Well stock valve covers go for about 40.00 per pair. I have 46 sets of these if people are looking
I hear ya, I'm willing to sell mine but I'm not giving them away either. BTW 46 sets? You sir have a sickness worse than COVID 19