Valve float or what


Could you clearly hear a valve float problem at WOT? Just curious because for the past 2 months ive been having a problem with popping at WOT. I finally got the ignition sorted out with everything new, the popping problem is gone. Now there is a sound I really cant describe and the car isnt what it first was. Car only makes about 5200 rpm @ WOT with it in drive.Ive been through everything 5 times. You name it, ive done it. I had a rocker arm stud break a couple weeks ago, I dont know why. Does that just happen for no reason sometimes?

Any help is appreciated, new track opens in 1 month! Ive got to get things going
Not sure, I got the car tuned and it ran great for about 3 weeks then BAM! Heard loud pop one night found turbo to header gasket blown. Fixed that then here came the igniton and now this. Since the build nothing has been retouqued. Will they loosen up? What is the specs for scorpions? I plan to tear into it tomorrow so I'm trying to get everything together
Check the reluctor ring on your cam sensor. The little tab can shear off and cause that back fire it changes time enough to still run but not quite right. If it is broke RJC makes a repair
Would unplugging the cam sensor rule this out or not? I did that the other day and the problem continued.

Now a tornado and golf ball size hail in town while I'm running from it hiding in the casino's parking garage:eek: :mad: Wish me luck
Checked the cam sensor tab this morning and its still there...

Here is a list of what ive checked:
Cam sensor
All vac hoses
All grounds are nice and tight
Compression is good
New plug wires
New module/coil
New autolite 103's gap at .32
Datalogs look good on the xfi
No exaust leaks
New fuel filter
Injector harness looks good
All plugs have been looked at good and none are disconnected
Crank sensor has clearance
Hoses from intercooler have no cuts or anything

Am i missing something here? Thats why I said maybe valve float cause thats the only place I havent looked.
Wonder if the ignition is laying down. Be nice to throw a caspers simulator on it and see what it's doing. ;)
I know it's newer but it would be a good start.