Valve Lash Question


The White Blur
Jan 31, 2002
Iron block, Aluminum heads.
Just swapped to Solid rollers and ready to lash. What lash to start with cold?
Then I may re-lash after hot to get it just right.
What cam and more specifically what lobe series/numbers are you using? Most use a comp cams lobe but their are others as well.

The lobe series will have some influence over what you need to end with for hot lash.
On my comp roller that started as a hydro that I switched over to solids as you did I ran .004 intake and .010 exhaust both set cold. This was with there milder lobe series.

Due to the fact the exhaust valve grows more when hot and you really want to make sure it seats 100% when hot and under power so that it can transfer heat the valve seat and not allow the valve to overheat I like to leave it a tad looser.

And like Robert stated .005-.006 is the general correction factor for aluminum heads.