Valve spring installed height with previous shim????


Feb 13, 2007
hi i have a 210/215 cam kit comes with the 9218 beehive springs from comp cams and the 975 retainers and the .50 locks part 614 i think im wrong on the part number for the springs but its close to that...i need to know what the installed spring height or installed valve height should be...i tested the spring pressure and at 1.750 they read 146-150 lbs...but when i took the old springs that had dampeners inside them and their own locks retainers there was a small blue shim on the is that just for the valve and wont effect my spring pressure when installed on the head or is it going to increase i need to know what it should sit at on the head..stock ported i take the shim out or leave it in...thanks noah.
Check out this old thread I started. Toward the end... I believe that the installed height worked out to around 1.715 or so.... +/-

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