Valve cover correct ones?


Jan 6, 2015
Hey Guys I decided to pull the valve covers as I had a leak on passenger side rear. When I pulled them it look like the rear gaslit was only touching
About 1/4 of the head surface and the rest was just hanging over with the valve cover.
The cover is sitting about a fill 1/4” or more past the head. So I flipped them from side to side and now the cover is hitting my turbo bracket in the front and won’t seat? Could these be for a set of champions and not stock heads? They bolt up fine. I am running 1.6 TAs so I need to tall ones to work. Thanks any input would be great.

See pictures


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Well I took the turbo bracket off and it sealed.
I guess I will need to modify the bracket a bit!
I am guessing the is why they don’t fit stock irons correctly?
possibly... i don't have any personal experience with them... I have used the original Champion Valve Covers for many, many years and never had any issues... ran it with and without the turbo bracket with iron heads and they fit fine.
That's a common place for them to leak. Since it can be such a fight getting the back of the PS cover to drop in place, the gasket can get dislodged before the bolts are set in place.

The trick is to glue the cork to the cover, set a weight on it and let it cure. And don't machine lock the gasket trying to drop it in place.

There is a path that will let it go right in without any trouble, but somehow it's a magic path that can't be seen by human eyes. But it does exist.

Also helpful if you remove the black heat absorber on top of the heater box for more room.