valve spring


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I need some help. I basically have 3 questions.

1. Do the valve springs on the TTA wear out as rapidly as the TR

2. Does the TTA use the same valve spring as the TR being as the TTA uses the Front wheel drive heads.

3. What the best way to change the springs. ( because the TTA doesn't use the shaft style rockers )

Opps, forgot to answer question #3. Use a standard Chevy overhead lever spring tool. Available at most any parts store for about $8.00. I've had alot of people asking the same thing, so I'm going to stock it in our catalog shortly.

After you remove the Pedestal bolt, hold the lever tool on top of the spring and tread the bolt through the hole of the tool and into the head and pull. Once you have the tool, it will be obvious what to do and how to use it.
KD tools makes the compressor.It looks like a long prybar with a C on the end and a hole like John said.

Go find a parts store that handles KD tools and your done.

at what milage.

At what milage do these springs start losing their tension?
I would venture to say that after 13 years sitting in an engine running or not....they have weakened.But there are always exceptions...


Fwiw,my car has 17k miles and i'm going to replace them in the next month or so.its cheap insurance.