valve springs


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Jan 24, 2008
what is the difference between bee hive and regular lt1 springs? i know the obvious shape is different , but what are the pros and cons of each, and what are the better springs with a stock stick?
Hey you doing valve springs to that thing with the milage you have pm Doc Paulie he will tell you which would be the best ones for ya
I am not Paulie, but comp 980's or 979's are good for the stock cam. Lt1 and the beehive springs have too much pressure. Beehives cut down on harmonics, and have a lighter retainer, so they tend to operate at higher rpms better than a standard spring.
Derek, just get a set of Comp 980s and be done with it. They drop right in, no mods required.

Part number is 980-12

Seat load: 92lbs. @ 1.700"
Open: 230lbs. @ 1.250"
Spring rate: 308lbs/in.
Coil bind: 1.150

Used these on my 135,000 mile WH-1 T-Type back in the day. NEVER had a problem.